All Joyusing document scanners have to pass strict test before go out. We devote ourselves to providing best experiences in image acquisition for our clients.
We list some of problems and solutions below in order to solve common issues for you.
You are welcomed to contact our on-line service staff via Skype.

How can we download and install document scanner and visual presenter driver?
Joyusing series uses common driver from your operating system itself. So, just connect computer and install auxiliary software can start working.
Document scanner software click here download; Visual presenter software click here download.
Extract the RAR file, double click ”setup.exe”, then click ”OK” and according to guidance to finish installment easily.
“No video preview” pops up when start the program.
  1. Video API is occupieda. Close other video software and restart.
    b. Restart computer
  2. Computer issuesPlease download “DriveTheLive” or “DriveGenius” to fix your computer.
  3. MJPG decoder uninstalledPlease contact our online service staff. Illustrating your specific problems to our service staff and ask for the driver. If necessary we provide remote assistance too.
LED light doesn’t work after connecting computer
  1. Check the USB cable connection, or reinsert to examine indicator light.
  2. Pull out other USB devices, or change to another USB interface. Do not use the front board USB interface to make sure 5V power supply.
  3. Find another the same USB cable and try again.
  4. Find another computer and try again.
No image output when software running
  1. USB cable loose or not connected, reinsert to the USB port in the back of the computer case.
  2. Make sure software is installed successfully, or reinstall and try again.
  3. Check not connects with other devices such as scanner, camera, etc.
  4. Find another computer and try again.
Images are not clear enough
To get the best image quality,follow these tips:

  1. Video parameter→Video Filter→Choose the highest resolution.
  2. Image parameter→Picture compression, choose “user-defined”, set 100% compress ratio.
  3. Scan size→Default or A4, not marquee manually.
  4. Image format→Choose TIF(print used),or BMP, or PNG(screen used) instead of JPG.
  5. Image parameter→Set DPI to 300, pixel shrink ratio 100%.
  6. Image parameter→uncheck “black edges repairing” and “watermark”

Adjust exposure, light and paper direction according to minimize the problem of reflection.
If environment is dim, turn on the LED light to Supplementary lighting. Products with a light logo can touch control, change brightness in every touch.

The screen is erratic, crash or blink after connecting with computer
  1. Bad contact between USB cable and interface. Reinsert into the back USB cable of the computer case.
  2. Find another the same USB cable and try again.
  3. Find another computer and try again.
OCR messy code, low rate of identification
  1. Original manuscript taken should be textual document (Chinese, English or number), table and images aren’t recognized.
  2. Get professional OCR recognition software to recognize tables or images. On April 2016, JOYUSING will adopt built-in ABBYY FineReader Professional, which is top OCR recognition engine from Russian, with a 99.8% recognition ratio and about 200 languages. Welcome to consult and update!
  3. Check whether original pictures clear or not or take best quality shooting.
  4. Make sure original manuscripts forward vertically upward. Both oblique and handwriting are low contrast to text and background, so as to low recognition ratio and messy code.
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