Document Camera Software Features

Document scanner is a innovative, ultra-portable, low-carbon, environment-friendly image acquisition equipment. One-click fast scanning, USB-powered, scan in high speed, video, copy, network fax, online Email, OCR text recognition etc.

It also can expand and realize Face Comparison, ID card identification, fingerprint, microphone voice transmission and other functions, to meet the office, business window and others’ requirements.

  • Fastest scanning
  • Remarkable OCR recognition technology
  • Image edition processing
  • All-round scanning
  • Timing shooting, Auto continuous
  • scanning
  • Images merge
  • Customizable watermark
  • Intelligent cutting & correction
  • of deviation
  • Barcode recognition function
  • Multiple file format
  • PDF conversion
  • Print, fax, email, realize office
  • auto integration
  • Video recording
  • OCR
  • PDF

Visual Presenter Software Features

JOYUSING visual presenter software is equipped with all-round application software for visual presenter products .

Both can be annotated and edited during capture real-time images, also can save annotate content and images together simultaneously, save the image for post-processing, is a multi-purpose visual presenter software for acquisition, annotation editing and post-processing.

One-click switch, you can quickly switch between multiple operating through visual presenter application software buttons: Scan interface, contrast interface, video interface and desktop interface.

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