Warranty & Service

Service and statement

  1.  The after-sale service of Joyusing products is depending on national regulations.
  2.  As long as the malfunction is attributable to the product quality problems under normal circumstances, you can return the failed parts and get a new one within one year since the purchasing day.
  3.  There must be the complete package with the “Warranty leaflet” filled out when the product need to set.
  4.  During the non-warranty period, Company will charge a maintenance fee depending on the standard of the company.
    1. Parts don’t belong to Joyusing or users change the parts which don’t buy in the authorized store.
    2. Malfunction caused by the incorrect installation, operation or using the product in the wrong environment.(eg. Temperature is too high or too low, too wet or dry, high altitude, unstable voltage or current, high ground voltage, etc.)
    3. Malfunction caused by the abuse (including excess workload).
    4. Malfunction caused by improper storage such as rodents or liquid and so on.
    5. Malfunction caused by unauthorized disassemble and ultra vires modification.
    6. Malfunction caused by the repair operated by the unauthorized service center.
    7. Malfunction caused by the setting of other software and virus.
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