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JoyUsing Z30 Wall-Mounted Identity Verification Terminal

1. 10.1" Colorful LCD, 1280*800 24-bit, 5-Touch Control Screen
2. Dual-Camera Liveness Detection
3. High Accuracy Fingerprint and Face Recognition
4. Android 5.1 Intelligent Operation System
5. 1 Second ID Card Scan&Verification
6. Built-in Image Quality Assessment


Product Introduction

Z30 Wall-Monted ID Verification Terminal is based on Android platform, used exclusively for verifying ID by fingerprint, face recognition, liveness detection and other document information. Many modules such as LCD touch control module, ID card reading module, fingerprint recognition module, face recognition module, liveness detection and other modules are integrated together on intelligent Android system. With advantages like full automation and no need of the peripheral hardware configuration, it can meet the demands of various users. Widely used at scenarios like smart access control, office building visitor registration, Internet bar registration, security checkpoint, venue entrance, examination room entrance, public security checkpoint, company visitor, prison management, etc.

Key Features

Face Recognition Equipped with HD camera, adopted technology like intelligent back-light compensation and facial contour edge enhancement, which can improve accuracy of face recognition, and it can also collect face pictures automatically.

Fingerprint Acquisition Built-in fingerprint acquisition module which meets standards of Ministry of Public Security.

ID Card Information Acquisition Built-in ID card reader newly launched by ministry of public security can read the character, face and fingerprint characteristics inside the ID card chip automatically.

Image Quality Assessment With functions like fingerprint and face pictures quality evaluation, detection and standardized cropping to ensure the reliability of data, and improve the accuracy of verification.

Intelligent Verification When capturing fingerprints and face pictures, the device with the intelligent voice prompt function can guide the verification procedure and ensure the accuracy of verification.

Android Operation System The face recognition and vivo detection technology based on Android platform can help avoid the risks and loopholes in real name authentication.

Infrared Liveness Detection Simultaneously acquire both near-infrared images and visible light images to determine weather it is real people or not.

Live Motion Detection Guide the customer to do some movements within specified time to determine weather it’s real people or not.

Still Liveness Detection After customers stay in the camera range only for a few seconds, the backstage can determine real people or not.


JoyUsing Z30 Wall-Mounted Identity Verification

Model JY-Z10S
Operation System Android 5.1
CPU Quad Cortex-A17 1.8GHz RK3288
System Memory 2GB DDR3
Storage 8GB
TF Card Support, maximum 128GB
ID Card Scanner
Scanning speed ≤1s; Scanning distance ≤5cm
Fingerprint Acquisition
Built-in planer fingerprint aquisition module
Camera(Face Recognition)
Dual-Lens Camera; 3.0 MP, Infrared Camera: 1.2 MP
Camera(Photographing) 5.0 MP, Back-light Compensation(Optional)
GPS/AGPS Optional
4G/WIFI Support WIFI&Blue-Tooth
Audio Built-in Dual-Speaker
LED Light
Built-in White LED Light, Automatically adjust brightness to the appropriate level based on the current environment
Body Sensor Module Wake-up Function
Display Screen
Size  10.1" LCD 5-Touch Control
Resolution 1280X800
Speaker Power: 3W
Communication Ethernet(10-100M); USB Port; HDMI; USB OTG
Power Supply  DC 12V/2A



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