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Visual Presenter
Book Scanner 
Document Scanner
Industrial Camera
V500 Visual Presenter

Visual Presenter

Joy-DocCam V500S  >
Economy-grade USB auto-focus Visualizer

Joy-DocCam V500  
PC-free and Widely available generic interfaces can easily reach out to various displaying terminals for different applications.

Joy-DocCam V30  
A3 Wall mounted

Joy-DocCam V31  >
A4 Wall mounted
V160 Book Scanner

Book Scanner

Joy-BookScan V160  >
Intelligent fast book scanner has a scanning speed of 80 pages per minute. You can scan through hand button, foot pedal, physical scan button or even software button.

Joy-BookScan V160 Pro  >
When scanning a book, the device will radiate 4 laser beams which are deployed to detect the curvature level of scanned book page.
Document Scanner

Document Scanner

Joy-CamScan L Series  >
Light weight portable A2 camera scanner is perfect for scanning poster or newspaper.

Joy-CamScan E Series  >
A mini camera scanner for office document.It is super light only 408g in weight and has a size of a cola bottle, occupying little space and perfectly fit on messy desk.

Joy-CamScan K Series  >
Secondary camera, face recognition, ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader and other modules can be integrated into the document scanner, which has brought a solution to streamlining the operation and reducing connections of external equipment.

Joy-CamScan C Series  >
5.0MP/8.0MP | 1/4” CMOS | Foldable Design  | High Brightness LED | OCR Function | TWAIN drive | Secondary Development Support.
Industrial Camera

Industrial Camera

Joy-SciCam G2  >
Ultra-high resolution with Standard C Mount is compatible with the majority of the available lenses.


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