Facial Recognition Camera Module

  • The Dual camera module takes advantage of its innovative binocular algorithm to calculate and locate face data and other key feature points for accurate identification, especially on the distance from the eye to the ear and additional spatial information. The error range will be controlled less than 1mm.

  • 3MP WDR Camera & 1.3MP BW Camera | Support face liveness detection | Support SDK | Fixed 30fps, no dragging shadow

Face Recognition Binocular Camera Module in Vivo Detection

Capturing both near-infrared and visible images are available. It is easy to detect whether it is real your face or not. Detecting the true identity of users becomes digitization with the help of real identity information datas.
  • a1

    Face Detection

    Take advantage of in-vivo detection by recognition algorithms. Check the dynamic face at a glance.
  • a1
    Identity verification

    Accurate face recognition will contribute to improve the safty of real name system.

  • a3
    Dynamic identification
    Face capture identification Parallel computing allows speed to fly.
  • a4

    Face private cloud

    Advanced technology of artificial intelligence to build a corporate face recognition private cloud.




 Model  Joy-BioCam DC1010  Joy-BioCam DC2020  Joy-BioCam DC1330
 1M B/W  1M HDR  2M B/W  2M HDR  1.3M B/W  3M WDR

 Image Sensor

 1/4"  1/2.7"  1/3"

 Effective Pixels

 1280X720  1920X1080  1280X960  2048X1536

 Pixel Size

 3.0umX3.0um  3.0umX3.0um  3.75umX3.75um  2.2umX2.2um
 Data Output  RAW data 10bits  RAW data 10bits  RAW data 10bits

 Video Comprossor



 SNR Max  More than 37dB  More than41dB  More than 44dB  More than 40dB

 Dynamic Range

 More than 64dB  More than96dB  More than 80dB  More than 100dB

 Min. Illumination

 More than 0.01lux   0.01lux  More than 0.01lux

 Digital Interface

 USB2.0  USB2.0  USB2.0
 Transfer rates  480Mb/S  480Mb/S  480Mb/S

 Power Requirements

 5V+/-5%  5V+/-5%  5V+/-5%

 Power Consumption (NoLED)

 Max0.6W  Max1W  Max0.6W  Max1.2W  Max0.6W  Max1W

 Power Consumption (IRLED)

 Max2W  NO  Max1.5W  NO  Max2W  NO
 LED IR-850nm  Less than 90°  NO  Less than 90°  NO  Less than 90°  
 Camera Type  M12  M12  M12
 Camera Angle  90°  90°  90°
 OS Support  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Mac/Android/Linux2.6.2



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