Joy-DocCam Dual-Camera Liveness Detection Document Scanner

1. Original Design, Abundant Extensible Modules for Various Conditions
2. 5MP/8MP/16MP HD FF Camera
3. A4 Format, Standard Hard Base Positioning
4. High-brightness LED Auxiliary Lights, Touch-control/Software-Control Dimming
5. Scalable Secondary Camera Optional/Face Recogniton Camera Optional/Fingerprint Reader Optional
6. Based on TWAIN Protocol Interface
7. Provide a Mature SDK/API/DEMO
8. Integrated ABBYY Optical Character Recognition Function
9. Dual-Camera Liveness Detection and Face Recognition

JoyUsing Dual-Camera Liveness Detection Document Scanner

Face Recognition · New Era of Security · Leading The Change of Verification



Product Feature

Break through restrictions! Support documents, certificates, 3D objects, etc. Realize intelligent scanning.

Adopted advanced technology of image collection and high quality processing core. Professionally customerized document HD camera with great image quality,  less noise and  perfect performance in details.

Directly connect to PC by USB2.0, providing power and data transmission chanel as well. And more extra modules can be extended.

Integrated with world-leading ABBYY OCR(Optical Character Recognition) and professional document scanner software, the performance cannot be matched by traditional scanners.


Plane photos, Photoshops, bending photos, videos and other deceptions will be detected accurately.

After customers stay in the camera range only for a few seconds, the advanced algorithm can determine real people or not.

Compared with the popular single-camera visual tech in mainstream market, dual-camera liveness detection has a higher accuracy, faster processing speed and less update of database.

It also has great self-learning ability, which can adapt to various brightness or complicated environment.

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