Joy-DocCam V500 Visual Presenter

1. 8 Mega Pixels HD autofocus camera, high-brightness LED lights
2. Flexible two arms with 5 joints
3. Almost A3 shooting area, supports macro photography
4. Built-in microphone, 1080P HD quality, audio and video recording and storage into SD card
5. Infrared remote control
6. Seamlessly compatible with touch screen / interactive whiteboard / projector and other display devices
7. Support wireless mouse, wireless tablet, touch control operation
8. PC-free operation, drag roaming, split screen contrast, picture in picture, instant comments, etc.
9. Support ABBYY OCR character recognition


High Performance 



Easy for anyone to use 

Easy Connection panel for quick installation  

Clear icons and marking make connecting the Visual presenter  

Teach From Anywhere In Your Classroom

You can control Visual presenter and projector, interactive whiteboard,touch screenwith a single remote in anywhere in classroom. 

Large and Clear Controls For Easy Use 

Like projectors, the control panel uses large and clear lettering


Capture Images From Various Angles 

Rotating Camera Head Provides Great Versatility 

Capture image of a 3D object from any angle, or even a full classroom view, by adjusting the arm position, the rotating camera head and the digital zoom in various combinations.



Enhanced PC Less Function 

PC less annotation 

PC less annotation allows teachers to connect via USB mouse, wireless tablet or touch screen and visual presenter directly. Annotate line, circle, quadrangle, writing etc. on live image.



Advanced Functions 

Marquee zoom 

With touch screen use, through the box selected part, you can screen full view of the selected local details


Image roaming drag Region zoom in 

Show content beyond the display window, roaming dragging and also region zoom in, making teaching easily



The picture-in-picture allows you to show a large window with a featured section, while a smaller window 

keeps perspective on the original image. So, students stay focused and the lesson remains clear.


Mirror function 

So that the image can be multi-faceted display, make teaching more convenient to show freely.


Split Screen Function 

The split screen function allows the live image of an object being captured to be displayed alongside 

an image stored on the internal/ external memory. This dual projection capability can help to improve 

student understanding by showing complimentary data。


Convenient profession Software 

Making use of the included profession application software helps to enrich content and facilitate more 

engaging lessons, The V500 can also be used as a basic video camera to capture student presentations.

Videos and Still Images Captured Beautifully With Audio Data Saving Feature (Video/ Still Images)  

Save videos or still images captured by an SD card or PC. The record function also allows audio data to be 

saved with animated images. This allows the Visual presenter to be used as a basic video camera.


Save Text and Drawing Data During Capture Live Image Annotation and edit Feature

Add written text and drawing to the live image, and save both annotation and image data together.


Keep Multiple Files Neatly Organized and Post-processing

File Management Feature Manage saved capture data into groups according to time, subject, 

and importance. Also support file post-processing.


User Friendly Design 

Image Rotation 

Capture images of a 3D objects/ whiteboard/ chalkboard can be easily by adjusting the arm position and rotating camera head 


Smart Portability Design 

The new mechanical structure allows users to fold and easy to store, making it ideal for smaller classrooms with limited space  


      V500 Document Camera Specification    

Sensor1/2.5"CMOS Auto Focus
Resolution8 MegaPixel
SXGA  1280×960
1080P  1920×1080
720P   1280×720
Power InputDC12V  1A
FunctionImage ProcessingImage Processing Contrast, Saturation, Edge Enhancement, Digital Noise Reduction, Annotation Display, Frezze (roaming, zooming, annotation), mirroring (roaming, zooming, annotation), Contrast (freeze, zoom, roaming), PIP (freeze, zoom)
AutoWhite Balance / Brightness / Auto Focus
Digital Zoom×100 (roaming, mouse scroll to enlarge)
Image Rotation0°/90°/180°/270°
Anti-blinkingSupport 50HZ/60HZ
Color Display
Menu / OSDUI interface Chinese / English
USB ControlPC software, camera support (1080P, 5M)
YUV 2592×1944/2fps(for computer photo)
YUV 1920×1080/5fps    MJPG 1920×1080/15fps
YUV 1280×720/12.5fps  MJPG 1280×720/15fps
YUV 800×600/15fps     MJPG 800×600/15fps
OCR recognition ABBYY support
Generate PDF documentSupport
InterfaceDC powerDC12V,Φ5.5mm
AudioBuilt-in MIC / Reserved I2S Coder (Reserved I2S to HDMI)
SDSD2.0, maximum support 32GCard type10  720P/30
Card type 10  1080P/15
Card type 4    720P/20
Card type 5   1080P/6
USB portSupports mouse, USB cable
VGA port×1
1024×768 @60HZ1280×720@60HZ
LED indicates light4, Power Light(Red), Working light(Green), Visual Presenter and connent to PC(blue),PC input(Green)
LED LightingTop Light, on/off;Side lights, Support three grades dimming
ButtonPower; Zoom In/Out; Focus; Far focus;  Near focus;  Light;  Navigation;  PC Connection;  Resolution
OperationButtonOperates on OSD
MouseSupport operates on menu and OSD
RemoteOperates on OSD


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