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Virtual Learning Just Got Easier

As many teachers all over the world have experienced this past year, remote learning can pose quite a few practical issues. From audio problems to screen sharing, teaching virtually on any platform can be a challenge. However, there is one device that makes this process much easier. The Joyusing V500 is a best-in-class document camera made for showing clear and close visuals. This camera operates with an HDMI connection and can be plugged into a variety of devices such as monitors, projectors and interactive panels. A few features of this camera include incredible image quality, an LED light, a microphone and camera control buttons. Let's take a deeper look at the uses and outstanding features of the v500 document camera.

Teaching Music, Art, Calligraphy & Design

When it comes to teaching subjects such as music and art, Joyusing's high definition document cameras are the best solution for everyday challenges. For example, the camera can help students see sheet music up close. The camera can help students view a painting with more detail in art class. There are a host of reasons why you may need to give students a closer look. This is especially true when teaching virtually. Whether on Zoom, Google Meet or Skype, students need as much detail as possible to learn and interpret curriculum. Furthermore, the picture in picture video effect, also knowns as PIP, allows for the placement of several images on a screen at once. This enhances remote teaching as the student is better able to learn and absorb information.


The Features

The reason this device is so beneficial is thanks to its immense features. They each serve a critical function and purpose for more effective learning, whether remote or in person.


Image Quality: The image on this device quality is unlike any other. It operates at 8MP (megapixels). Not only is this considered high definition, but it also beats out the existing document cameras on the market. Teachers need the best quality for demonstrations and presentations. The Joyusing V500 is guaranteed to capture even the finest of details.


LED Light: An often overlooked element to clear image quality is lighting. If a camera's subject is not well lit, the image quality will be subpar, no matter how "high definition" the lens is. For this reason, light is a necessary component of a clear image. Furthermore, the LED light on the Joyusing V500 is ideal for dim environments.


Microphone: Including a microphone on this device ensures students can hear clearly. Hearing and seeing are closely related, especially when students are learning information for the first time. Ensuring curriculum is learned and understood is the goal of teachers. Joyusing aids in this process.


Camera Control Buttons: Located on the base the Joyusing V500 is a convenient access panel for a variety of functions such as zooming in/zooming out, snapshotting, autofocus and more. Each of the functions are clearly labeled with an image graphic. They are compatible with PC-free and PC-required options. It is essential that teachers have access to these functions while displaying an image or document to students. A versatile and multi-purpose camera such as this one changes the way students learn.


Ports: It is important to note that there are multiple ports located at the base of this device. They include VGA IN&OUT, USB, HDMI and SD card. Teachers are able to easily connect the devices they need without searching for adaptors. This means devices such as SD cards, PCs, PC software, mouses and signature pads can be plugged directly into the Joyusing V500. The days of searching for adaptors and other gadget accessories are over, this is a one-stop shop for remote teaching.


Exclusive Visualizer Software: This device comes with its own visualizer software. This software also allows for PC-free use of the device. In other words, only a projector, monitor or TV is needed to display. It is compatible with Mac, Chrome OS and Windows.


The Bigger Picture

The goal when teaching virtually is to help students learn the curriculum as interactively as possible. The Joyusing HD V500 does just that. Whether you are teaching sheet music for Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 or examining the brush strokes in Frida Kahlo's Self-Portrait, this document camera provides a learning experience like none other. 

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