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Introduction Name Size Update Download
download Book Scanner ​Joy-BookScan V160 Pro Catalog.pdf 1.60MB 2019-10-17 Download
download Industrial Camera Joy-SciCam G20 Industrial Camera.pdf 1.57MB 2019-10-17 Download
download Binocular Camera Joy-BioCam Catalog.pdf 2.26MB 2018-11-15 Download
download Optical Document Camera V1XS Optical Document Camera.pdf 1.19MB 2019-10-17 Download
download V500 Series Document Camera Joy-DocCam V500 Series Document Camera.pdf 6.74MB 2019-10-17 Download
download Joy-DocCam V500 Installation.pdf 1.64MB 2018-11-16 Download
download Joy-DocCam V500S Installation.pdf 632KB 2018-11-16 Download
download After sales Terms (JOYUSING) 224KB 2018-11-19 Download
download RMA Form 63KB 2018-11-19 Download
download Android V500W Joyusing_Vpresenter_Android_V1.0.2020.06.03.apk 23.75MB 2020-06-11 Download


       Introduction Name Size                    Update        Download    
2         Book Scanner                Joyusing_BookScanner.exe                        385.3 MB           2019-11-13        QQ截图20181204091439   
2      Document Scanner   Joyusing_Document_Scanner 391.0 MB   2017-09-01   QQ截图20181204091439
2      Visualizer (PC) Joyusing_Visualizer_V1.0.exe 389.3 MB  2020-04-10  QQ截图20181204091439
2         Visualizer (Mac)          Joyusing_Visualizer_V1.0_Mac.pkg            35.5 MB           2020-04-20        QQ截图20181204091439


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