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Virtual classrooms and online teaching aren't exactly new concepts. But their presence has grown manifold due to the pandemic that struck the world in 2020. According to ThinkImpact, 75% of the schools in the US are operating online and 80% of them purchased additional technology to facilitate this.


And it's not just education. Remote working in almost all spheres got normalized so much during this time that professionals, educators, and companies were forced to find revolutionary solutions in technology.


Thankfully, such revolutions did happen. And today, we're going to talk about one such innovation, the JOYUSING's high definition document camera, which aims to make remote teaching and remote work in general, a lot easier.


Challenges with Existing Setups


So, why did we even need such as camera? What were the issues with the existing setup of a virtual classroom or remote work?


Well, to begin with, every existing setup required a computer. There's nothing wrong with using a computer to teach but sometimes it becomes difficult to express everything on a computer screen, especially if the teacher deals with difficult subjects such as Math or Chemistry!


Of course, you could use a stylus. But still, nothing beats taking a page from a book and working on a problem to show students how it's done.


Besides, traditional teachers may find it hard to suddenly upgrade to computer-based teaching. And it may also become difficult for students to cope with this change.


The JOYUSING Solution


JOYUSING took note of the pain points of online educators and other professionals who had to suddenly switch to remote teaching tools. And they introduced the V1XS document camera.


The key benefit of this camera is that it can eliminate the use of a computer. Technically, you could still connect a computer to this device but you don't need to as it has an in-built screen and navigation buttons.


The document camera is ideal for teachers who find it easier to work with a pen and paper. It does give the user an option to write digitally, too. After all, that's the uniqueness of excellent devices. They give you a choice!


Let's now look at some of the key features of JOYUSING's high definition document cameras.


Key Features of the Document Camera


Zoom Capability: The camera supports 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. It means that you could easily allow your students on the other side of the city to view the details of your explanation as clearly as they would in a classroom.


No Computer Required: Its built-in screen allows you to see and allow others to see any document you keep in front of the camera. All you need to connect is a mouse. You could, for easier use, connect a monitor and a projector to the camera.


Portability: You can easily carry the camera around as it becomes quite compact in its foldable state. So, if you want to give your next lecture from a hilltop, do it!


Interface: It has a VGA slot, a USB slot,a HDMI, and an SD card slot. All of these are useful whether you want to connect a monitor, a mouse, a large screen, projector, or an SD Card to record your lessons.


Visualization Software: Although you could use this device without a computer, downloading the visualizer software gives your more features, such as picture in picture, recording, annotation, and snapshots.


What the Reviewers Say


Overall, the reviewers are pleased with the document camera's compact design and the flexibility to connect any kind of device. The fact that it works even without a computer makes it a hit among educational technology reviewers, such as MathMathx.


He told many advantages of using a 12x optical zoom V1XS doc camera to his math teaching and gave out his professional suggestion. The video turns out great when recording a lesson, but the audio could be better. But these are all minor challenges, and the core features' benefits outweigh these challenges.



Transforming Remote Work


Standing at the beginning of the third decade of this century, we can all accept that the pandemic has overhauled our way of working, way of learning, way of thinking, and way of innovating.


We must accept that remote education and work are now a reality for most people and we have to adapt to these changes to the best of our abilities. Moreover, this mode of education and work is here to stay even in the post-pandemic world.


Thankfully, technology holds our hands during these times and JOYUSING's document camera is proof that even remote working can be revolutionized and made smarter.


So, educators, artists, designers, students, and all those who rely on Zoom meetings and Skype calls to present your point, listen up. Make your work easier, more reliable, and approachable through this well-thought-out device by JOYUSING. For more details, please go now to visit the website, or contact us:


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