A Budget-Wise Choice: The Joyusing V500S USB Document Camera

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A Budget-Wise Choice: The Joyusing V500S USB Document Camera

Because of technology, many tasks have become simpler and life has become relatively easier. Various aspects of your life demand your time, effort, and energy. Fortunately, technology has paved the way towards a more efficient way of doing things you need. Whether you're someone on a budget who needs a quality document camera or someone who wants to break free from the traditional projector, a must-have for you would be the JoyUsing V500S USB document camera.


The V500S is a multipurpose device for all teachers, because it caters to almost all your necessities concerning files, images, and even videos. Aside from that, its features are quite a steal especially if you're running on a tight budget. For more information about this document camera, read on! Who knows, maybe this product is the answer to all your worries!


What is a Document Camera?


In a nutshell, a document camera helps you view, edit, present, and write on your files. You can think of it as a modern projector. While it is commonly used by teachers or those in the academic field, this is for anyone! Additionally, it also has the following functions:


- Resize, recolor, and enhance documents or photos

- Stream images or videos from the web

- Directly connect to a wifi network for hassle-free presentation

- Record videos and take photos


A document camera has three sizes: lightweight models, large models, and visualizers. Lightweight models are portable and travel-friendly, large models are bulky ones, and visualizers are those put on the ceiling. Out of these three sizes, the Joyusing V500S is a lightweight model.



Unboxing the JoyUsing V500S USB Document Camera


As you unbox your JoyUsing V500S, here are a few of its features you will see indicated on the box, as well as the features it has but isn't indicated. As for this part, here is a profession video review from  Ryno(a teacher&digital interactive tool educator) for your better understanding.


- High-speed HD

- Split-screen

- Image Freezing

- Realtime Annotation


Additionally, here are the contents of your document camera's box:


- Overview paper or user manual

- Mini-USB cable

- Software CD.


Software CDs are important especially if your desktop, computer, or laptop requires one before detecting and setting up your document camera. Or you can directly download the software from our website here.


- Roll-up mat.


A roll-up mat is also included, complete with markers on where you should place your camera and files that you have to scan. The precision of these marks will ensure that the entirety of your document will be shown and streamed.


- The Actual Document Camera


As you will notice, its base is weighted, it has a USB on the back, and has a light button on the top. One of its features is that it can snap into different positions and can be rotated in different directions, making it extra flexible and for all-around use. Joyusing doc cam also has an additional USB light, microphone, an 8-megapixel camera, and another light strip for extra clarity and brightness.



Step by Step Joyusing V500S USB Document Camera Setup


There are many emotions you might feel once you unbox your document camera: happiness, excitement, and confusion. Especially if it's your first time assembling and setting up a document camera, it can be a challenging thing to do. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up your V500S document camera.



Step 1: Connect your document camera to your desktop or laptop. You can do so by connecting it to its USB port.



Step 2: Open the Joyusing visualizer software. Once you have access to this, it means that you are good to go. As you navigate through the software, you will notice that the left side contains a number of buttons that you can utilize when taking photos or making videos.



Step 3: Utilize buttons and features. Some of its features include selecting and deselecting, importing files, and many more. Take note that once you start recording your video or pictures, you need to save them to your hard drive immediately.


Additionally, the Joyusing visualizer software also allows you to adjust your focus, exposure, saturation, and brightness, and contrast. Setting it on automatic is advisable for a hassle-free time using your document camera. You can also adjust the resolution of your document as there are many options you can choose from such as 1920x1080, 800x600, and so on.


Extra Features of the Joyusing V500S USB Document Camera


Aside from the features indicated and discussed earlier, your Joyusing V500S USB doc cam has more features that you can use. These include:


Automatic Edging

This feature recognizes the exact size of your document and allows you to only present the portion of your choice.


Snapshot Tool

This function offers a range of options such as partial screen capture, time-lapse, black and white capture, and many more.


Video and Audio Recording

You can also record yourself using your device considering that it is equipped with a high-definition camera and can be rotated in various different directions. All you have to do is click the picture mode, and you're good to go. No extra software is needed!


OCR Recognition

This allows you to convert your photos or documents into an excel file, word file, or any type of document you want. It also corrects any errors that your file originally has. All it takes is ten seconds, and all becomes polished and well.


Pen Tool Feature

Using this tool, you can write directly on the screen. An eraser, shapes, lines, and other needs are also available for you to use. Of course, changing the thickness, color, and opacity is possible. Squares, triangles, ellipses, you name it!




Audio and Video Quality of the Joyusing V500S USB Document Camera


Since it is initially intended to present, stream, and enhance documents, you might find yourself doubting if the Joyusing V500S is an efficient tool when it comes to audio and video quality. The answer to that is a solid yes! Earlier, you read that the Joyusing V500 is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera as well as a microphone, which makes it possible to shoot 30 frames in a second. With that said, your video and picture quality will be more than fine.


All in all, if you're still hesitant about giving the Joyusing V500S USB document camera a chance, then consider its price together with all the features it has to offer! For more information of joyusing camera, please visit the website.


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