Can You Use a Document Camera Without a Computer?

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The answer is yes, you can.


Presentations are vital component of remote classes and conference meetings. The growth of technology has become a blessing in everyone's lives at this this time. Advantages of innovations helped improve the efficiency of businesses and ease of teaching for students - hassle-free. It enables us to communicate instantly and conveniently. New devices are made and developed to help people in remote communication, anytime, anywhere.


How to Use a Document Camera Without a Computer


One of the new devices that helped the people on remote learning is the document camera. Also known as visual presenters and digital overheads, these image capture device displays documents and other items and show the picture to the audiences while streaming.


The modern way of interactive visual technology on presentations attracts students' interest during discussions can be done through best teaching document cameras. The Joyusing Cameras are very versatile and help to create engaging videos on your learning management systems.


Joyusing cameras are easy to connect, just plug in your camera to HDMI of a digital whiteboard, TV, monitors, and projectors. Some Joyusing Camera models can also be connected as a wireless document camera through available WIFI connection to Android devices. It is also a 4 in 1 document camera which can be used as a webcam, recorder, and monitor. Making it one of the best teacher document cameras available on the market.


Joyusing as a Recommended Document Camera


Joyusing has a series of document cameras suitable for every teaching need - even without computers. While all units have different specifications, all Joyusing cameras are lightweight, convenient, and can be used on a variety of content and subject.


Here are the best teacher document cameras that you can use PC free:


Joyusing V500 HDMI, USB, & VGA Multi-Mode Document Camera


Just connect your camera to HDMI on projectors, touchscreen, and interactive whiteboard to start doing discussions. A USB port is also available for wireless tablets and wireless mouse connections.


You can benefit from functions such as auto-focus, magnifier, mirror, annotate, etc. to make the display more precise and beautiful. Another feature is the built-in microphone for a clearer audio while on the discussion.With a resolution of 8.0 megapixels CMOS sensor, colorful and high-definition images are captured on a full HD display. Proper layout of functional physical buttons can be used for a more convenient user experience and one-touch video capturing that saves on an SD card external memory.


 Joyusing V500W Wireless Document Camera


This Joyusing camera can be taken anywhere since it has a built-in 3.7V 7200mAh battery that can last up to 6 hours of continuous work without charging. It can be connected to Chromebook, Android, PC, and Mac via WIFI to transmit real-time pictures anywhere without using terminal devices.


Aside from the WIFI connection feature, other connection modes such as USB, VGA, and HDMI can be used to transmit real-time images to computers.High clarity images can be captured even the tiniest details with a maximum of 100x digital zoom and 1080P @ 30fps for silky-smooth live streaming without any delays. With its auto-focus mode, subjects that need a detailed display will be viewed clearly. A built-in microphone is also another feature for a clear online discussion.


Joyusing V1XS Document Camera


The Joyusing V1XS Document Camera can be used as a webcam, recorder, and monitor. It has 1080P/60fps for ultra-smooth video performance for real-time streaming and recording and can capture a full HD smooth image with its 8.0 megapixel CMOS sensor. Equipped with 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom that are adjustable by stepless control knob can be used in PC-free mode.The 5" LCD preview screen with full UI can preview documents or images and could be easily magnified on the scratch-resistant, armored glass touch screen button. Built-in LED lights are also available for use in a dimly lit environment.


Sharing of information flexibly can be done with the A3 shooting area. This Joyusing camera has built-in software features such as split-screen, picture-in-picture with assistant window switch, annotation, reading assist, superzoom, freeze, rotation and mirroring, image adjustment, OCR, and can support multiple languages.Aside from being a PC-free unit, it also supports PC connection via USB, and to other devices with VGA and HDMI interfaces.


Why Document Camera is a Must Grab


Have a science experiment for your class? Just connect your camera to the HDMI of your Joyusing camera and it will allow students to get a full and better view of your experiment materials and processes while sharing it with your students. It allows the students to absorb the information visually.


Another help of Joyusing camera is accompanying the students how to solve complex mathematical problems on how to use calculators and easy to save as a digital note by saving a screenshot.Students may also follow along while displaying textbook pages while doing discussions. The Joyusing cameras have optical zoom features up to 12x and 100x digital zoom that can enhance live imagery in classes. Using Zoom on online classes, annotation tools such as screen sharing allows you to share the video from your Joyusing camera to do brainstorming and collaborations.


Units of Joyusing PC free documents cameras are easily carried. Should you have an emergency meeting that needs a visual presentation this can be used anytime. This is suitable for people from the corporate industry who travels.





Joyusing offers the best teacher document cameras suited for specific and various teaching needs in terms of features and functionality. All units are very light and portable, it can be stored and brought anywhere that you need to do your remote class. Aside from teaching, Joyusing cameras can also be used by professionals in the corporate industry, as well as artists who may need a document camera to display three-dimensional objects, pages from a book, artwork, and more.


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