Here's My Secret for Better Classroom

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Here's My Secret for Better Classroom

With 15 years of using teaching technology, you could say I've learned a thing or two about bringing technology into the classroom successfully.

Over the past few years, advancements in technology have greatly improved the classroom experience for both students and teachers alike. Tools like Visualizers, Smart Boards, and even virtual reality headsets have allowed teachers to bring instruction to life and make learning more engaging.

But these tools are only as good as the classroom environment in which they exist. Truly successful education depends on teachers’ ability to create and maintain organized instructional environments that keep kids engaged and on task while encouraging the sharing of ideas and questions.

Class Efficiency Challenges

Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done. It can be incredibly hard to tailor a classroom-management plan that takes into account all of the various personalities that make up a class. And in a one-to-one device environment, it can be even more challenging . For instance, when every student has a laptop or table, it can be difficult to tell if they’re doing their work. So how to centralize classroom control has been a key problem through my career.

Reflecting and Improving

A high quality visualizer and smart board is the solution I recommend because the ability of easily sharing information and attracting attentions. Everyone can get the same lessons on the screen and see the objects or experiments as they really are. This can help save an enormous amount of time and greatly enhance a teacher’s ability to provide students with relevant insights or facts.

Perhaps the most important lesson I can impart is: Have a plan and be prepared for it to fail. While we can use the various tools to help our students learn, we cannot control our students’ behaviors. Inevitably, things will not go correctly, at least the first time around. Technology can help a lot with teaching efficiency and quality, but ultimately, it’s up to us to strive for continuous improvement for the sake of our students.

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