New idea for the protection of precious ancient books

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New idea for the protection of precious ancient books

Since the beginning of human history, books are like a rut left by the time carriage, silently recording the rise and fall of mankind. They are telling all the fantastic stories in their own way but with the carriage running, the voice is getting lower and lower. Because of various natural and man-made damages, it’s impossible to keep ancient books forever. A new thinking emerged with technology developing that introduce new scanning tech and cloud storage to help, what brings possibility of realizing permanent preservation.

Through a long history, most of ancient books are fragile and too dangerous to scan by the traditional scanner. So the point is how to keep them away from damage during digitizing.

Joyusing book scanner has maximum 18.0 mega pixel optical lens, convenient operate system and feature-rich software. All of them contribute to those high definition images. Compared with traditional scanner, joyusing book scanner has many irreplaceable advantages. For example, some severe damaged books are not able to take any bending or pressing, and in that case, the traditional scanner will hardly play a role. Additionally, joyusing book scanner also has correct distortion, flatten curve, erase finger and other practical functions to restore the original appearance. The outputs could be generated as word files by integrated ABBYY OCR function, which is the world-leading company of OCR industry and the accuracy is up to 99%. The probability of human error could be also lowered by shortening the operating duration, and the scanning speed of joyusing scanner will meet the requirements in various conditions.

Generally the mainstream products in the market that competent with this work are expensive, like all-in-one printer, copy machine and so on. For its great performance and high cost-effective, joyusing book scanner is a better solution for you.

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