All You Need to Know about the Classroom Document Cameras

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All You Need to Know about the Classroom Document Cameras

Nowadays, virtual learning has become a way of life. Teachers are learning new ways to teach children in a safe and effective environment. They have many resources offered by the government and others to help them positively impact their students in a virtual classroom. A new climate means new tools must be used to engage children and help them to learn required subject matter. The classroom document camera is a teaching tool that can be used by educators to help relay virtual information to students who are getting used to virtual learning from home.


What is a Document Camera?



The document camera is a teaching tool used by teachers in a virtual learning classroom. It allows for presentations on Zoom meet, Google meet and Skype between teachers and students. It allows teachers to come face-to-face with students who are required by mandates to stay home for safety reasons, because of the dangerous effects of the Coronavirus.


Document camera's allow you to take an image from a sheet of paper and present it in real time. This gives you the flexibility of adding important documents in the last minutes before your presentation. Document cameras can be used by educators, teachers, students, people who have difficulty seeing smaller objects and words, artists and other professionals who may be in need of a document camera to help them easily perform their jobs.


How is The Document Camera Used in Virtual Learning?


Virtual learning

The document camera allows teachers to present demonstrations for an entire class at the same time. It gives teachers the ability to teach all of their students needed classroom presentations. Teachers are able to educate on major subjects that include: science, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, PowerPoint and review quiz answers. The document camera also shows student interactions to what is going on in the virtual classroom.


How Does a Document Camera Work?


A document camera is used like a webcam. The camera is able to shoot videos or photographs and project them onto a screen during your presentation. The arm is an important part of the document camera. The arm connects the lens with the base of the camera. Some document cameras have flexible arms that make it easier to quickly adjust the lens.


What are the Benefits of the Document Camera?


The document camera has the benefits of a flexible arm, built in LED lighting, built in microphone and USB/HDMI/VGA, and wireless connectivity that give teachers maximum flexibility in their virtual classroom.


Virtual Learning

Document Camera Options


The document camera has the option to connect to a projector. This allows you to display your images or presentations on a large wall or screen. The camera can also connect to a computer. This can be done if you plan on presentations that use digital on the computer and paper documents shown on your document camera.


Can I insert Images From a Document Camera Into a Document?


A document camera will allow you to insert an image from a document into a document during your virtual presentation. You must have an app or software that allows you to perform this procedure. Am example would be if you were doing a PowerPoint presentation, then you can use the document camera's images to insert a document into your presentation


Why Do I Need to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom?


The document camera allows you to display live footage of small objects, paper and books using the display equipment in your classroom, conference room or home. The camera allows you to break up PowerPoint presentations into more viable options that include the document camera presentations.


How Do I Use the Document Camera in the Dark?


If you are using your document camera in a dark environment, then turn on the LED light. You can use the Auto Focus in the control panel to focus in on your materials and documents in your presentation. You may also have to adjust the focus on your projector to bring your documents into view.


What the Experts Say About the Document Camera


Florida State University's registrar Kimberly Barber says "document cameras are clearly improving the quality of education at the university." She says, "Our math faculty members have changed the way they teach based on the availability of two doc cams in their classrooms."



Features of a Joyusing Document Camera


There are many features that are offered with the Joyusing camera. These include; sensors, maximum resolution, frame rate, optical zoom, focus mode, digital zoom, SD card, shooting area, microphone, wired connectivity, wireless connectivity and a rechargeable battery.


Now that you have an idea about the document camera and the important ways it is used in today's virtual learning environment, you may want to have this camera in your classroom. Teachers, educators, students, artists and other professionals who teach as a career, will find these cameras beneficial in bridging the learning gap between teachers and students.


What a great way to teach your entire classroom at the same time than with the document camera. It has revolutionized the way teachers instruct in the virtual classroom. With COVID 19 seeming to be a huge part of our every day lives, these cameras are needed to help students and teachers transition into a new way of learning.


Document cameras have wireless connectivity, wired connectivity, microphones for speaking to your students, night view for teaching in dark environments, the ability to insert documents before a presentation, digital zoom and other features that make your virtual presentation a success. Gone are the days where PowerPoint is the only choice for classroom presentations.


 A new climate means new tools must be used to keep up with what is new in the virtual world. Teachers are able to teach subjects in school that include; science, mathematics, reading, writing, and other subjects required by law. The document camera is the new wave for the future.



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