Capturing Nail Art Using JOYUSING Doc cam

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Demonstrating nail art with Joyusing doc cam


Gone are those days when demonstrations are to be performed with an actual live audience. The times are changing and most activities that we just simply do outdoors in past are not yet applicable for the time being. But the good thing is distance is no longer an issue.


Beauty knows no bounds. Our concepts of what's beautiful may differ, but one thing is common. A great-looking set of nails is both elegant and classy. Every day we use our hands every single day. Most of the time, we use our nails as our go-to utility tool to help us accomplish a task. And in doing so, it gets damaged. It affects our confidence.


But you don't to worry as we can help you regain your confidence back by showing you some guides on nail art. We have captured both basic and advance nail art techniques using our Joyusing doc cam that you can do at the comfort of your home.


Shooting with clarity the minute details


A client shared with us a video of her showing with ease how she fashioned nails into shapes of oval, square, round, and pointed using our very own V1XS Joyusing doc cam setup nicely on her desk. While she meticulously perform the all the steps, we can't help ourselves getting impressed on the clarity of the video captured with our device.


While she was explaining all the intricacies of the basic of nail art designs, it's hard not to notice the crisp images captured by V1XS Joyusing doc cam 12x optical zoom and its 10x digital zoom capabilities. Everything looks vibrant, and it's easy to follow because everything is clear on our end.


She (the client) further explained that an oval-shaped nail is attractive for most women's hands. You can stress a long nail bed or you can otherwise complement a shorter one with an oval-shaped nail art. The square-shaped nail straight side walls and balanced C-curve was clearly highlighted by the V1XS ultra high definition photo.


You can see clearly the small of details of the square-shaped nails. The straight side walls, and sharp points on the tips look crisp and clear thanks to the V1XS Joyusing doc cam full HD quality at 60 frames per second (fps). Even if it streamed in real-time, the extreme quality of the images looks superb like no other!


Zooming in and out with ease


On our end, we are so impressed with her deep focus on demonstrating to us the other shapes. We can't help but notice that she is not having any difficulty in zooming in and out to emphasize the details and differences of both the round and pointed nails shapes.


She even jokingly told us it was just like playing because she was just turning the knob in adjusting the size. She even boasted that she can do this all day long, with no hassle. According to her, the flexible arm provides her better arm angles in aiming the V1XS Joyusing doc cam towards the best direction for best possible take.


And what she likes best is the portable folding design, it makes storing it after a day of use easy, fast, and convenient. Presenting solutions to your audience is as easy as a breeze when you have the V1XS Joyusing doc cam tightly fixed at your desk.


Anyway, as she was continuing her demonstration, she was clearly in a playful mood. She stressed that the round shaped nail art is common for male clients. Well, most of my male colleagues were smiling sheepishly because they always have this notion that nail art is just for the ladies.


Most of them don't even bother of going to the salon to get their nails fixed. They just clip their nails with a good old nail clipper and just trimmed it according to how they usually do it. Our client ended her discussion by showing to us her pointed nails.


She explained that since her hands are small, she can create an illusion using the pointed nail art to create a subtle effect that her fingers are longer. If not for the Zoom in and zoom out capabilities of the V1XS, we would even hardly notice it.


What have we noticed while she was doing her demo?


Our client was confident with her demonstration because she doesn't have to glance around constantly to check if she appears okay on our end or not. The V1XS has a 5.0-inch LCD screen with a touch panel that can help you focus more on your thing, rather than feeling a little conscious about how you appear on your audience's end.


The visual presenter of the V1XS eliminate the need for a PC or laptop. It allows you to preview and edit the images with no need for other device (like a laptop or PC) that would add to your desk's clutter. A lot of gadgets and gizmos can be distraction, so when you have less of those, you can be sure of a laser-focus every time you do your thing.


Another thing, if you opt to connect your V1XS Joyusing doc cam to an external device like a larger screen is convenient because of its HDMI in/out port. You can also attach to your PC via VGA in/out. It is also capable of USB connection and offers SD card slot so you don't have to worry about a thing. The convenient Line in/out just makes this device an absolute total complete package.


It comes with a great software for a whole new experience


Joyusing visualizer is a software package that makes your V1XS Joyusing doc cam an excellent go-to equipment to handle your online presentation needs. Whether you're a Mac, Windows, Chrome OS user, it makes all your work easy because it is compatible in all platforms.


By now, after her live demonstration, our client is now on her way of doing extra tasks like taking a snapshot, recording, doing a picture-to-picture tasks, and maybe inserting annotation. We are sure that it would not take doesn't seem to take much of your time because Joyusing visualizer can help you enhance your presentation with a few clicks and swipes.


Get it now and be at your best every time


We have never been so impressed with capabilities of the V1XS Joyusing doc cam. The live demonstration was like an acid test for this bad boy. We have seen first-hand how an ordinary person with very techie skills can use and operate the device with not hassle. A stress-free demonstration is clearly possible with the V1XS.


Please contact us and let us know of what you think. It is always our pleasure to offer you excellent quality equipment for all of your needs that will help you make a lot of difference. Always remember, we at Joyusing are just a click away.


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