How Do I Use an HDMI Document Camera?

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How do I use an HDMI document camera?


Various technological innovations have made many tasks simpler. For some people, life had even become easier and hassle-free. After all, other aspects of your life also demand your time, effort, and energy. One of the most widely-used innovations is document cameras. From the simple camera used to capture photos and videos, it can now be used to present, stream, and connect online! All you have to do is connect it to your PC or laptop (or not) and you're good to go.


As mentioned earlier, technological advancements have paved the way for traditional devices to become modernized. An example of that is an HDMI document camera. In a nutshell, it is a multipurpose device because it caters to almost all your necessities concerning files, images, and even videos. For more information on the HDMI document camera, continue reading!


What is an HDMI Document Camera?


Cameras serve a multitude of purposes. It helps you take photographs, videos and even scans your important documents for digital storage. But what makes the modernized version of a camera different are its additional features. As a digital teaching tool, a document camera helps you view, edit, present, and write on your files. It also has the following functions:


· Resize, recolor, and enhance documents or photos

· Stream images or videos from the web

· Directly connect to a wifi network for hassle-free presentation

· Record videos and take photos


What Size Should I Choose?


Although it has the same functionality, its various sizes are designed according to your needs and preferences. If you travel from one place to another and constantly need to bring a document camera with you, going for a lightweight model would be the best choice. If your work or presentation area is a fixed place, PC, or laptop, then going for large models would suit you the best.


And lastly, if you would like to put your document camera somewhere it won't be constantly moved, picking a visualizer would be the perfect solution. Rest assured that despite the difference in sizes, these document cameras will still deliver the same level of quality. Just take note that there can be a difference in their prices; the larger the unit.


Modes of the HDMI Document Camera


Since there are various models of a document camera from Joyusing, such as V500, V500W, V1XS, you should be well aware of its differences and similarities. Here are the different types of document cameras.


· PC-free. This mode offers a direct connection of your Joyusing camera to HDMI to a digital whiteboard, TV, monitor, or projector. This is where an HDMI document camera belongs.

· Wireless. Similar to the first mode, this mode of V500W allows you to connect to android devices via only a WiFi connection.

· PC-required. As the opposite of the PC-free mode, this mode of  V500S requires your document camera to be connected via USB to your PC or laptop.

· 4-in-1 mode. This mode of V1XS refers to your document camera being used as a recorder, monitor, webcam, and editor.


Overview of the HDMI Document Camera(V1XS)


There are many reasons why opting for an HDMI document camera would be a great choice.  It offers a wide range of functions. These include the following.


· Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom. Through this improved and high-tech image sensor, every detail of a picture or presentation will be easily seen. This is one reason why it makes an excellent digital tool.

· Annotation without PC. Most HDMI document cameras are equipped with a 5.0" LED screen and touch panel. Thus, it makes it easier for you to connect a mouse or pen tablet to it. This function allows you to edit and view images and videos on the spot, without a computer required. Through this, a more interactive and vivid presentation becomes possible.

· 60 fps High-Digital Quality. With the capacity to play videos at 1080p, despite frames per second, document cameras ensure a better presentation and learning experience. It enables you to present or stream high-definition images to your audience.

· Zoom In and Zoom Out by Knob Stepless Adjustment. This is a function of most HDMI document cameras for your convenience. In the PC free mode, the zoom-in and zoom-out by knob adjustment allow you to control the touch panel easily without having to go through various settings.

· Multiple Modes Interface. HDMI cameras are equipped with USB, SD car slot, HDMI in/out, VGA in/out for a more flexible use according to your needs. Moreover, line in/out are also included.


How To Use the HDMI Document Camera


If it's your first time purchasing an HDMI document camera, then its set it up can be a challenge for you. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use, set up, and install your document camera.


Document Camera Setup


Step 1: Depending on what type of camera you purchased, you can start by lifting up its camera arm vertically. Generally, camera arms can be roasted up to 180 degrees so adjust accordingly.

Step 2: Rotate the camera arm 180 degrees to the reverse side. It can be flipped up to 135 degrees.

Step 3: Lift up the camera head so that it is horizontally aligned with the panel.


Installation and Connection




Step 1: Plug in the power adapter to the power socket to your document camera.

Step 2: Connect the USB cable to the PC and document camera.

Step 3: Install the software.


Extra note: Your HDMI Camera comes with Joyusing visualizer software which is where you can control, configure, and change your camera settings.


PC-free Connection


Step 1: Plug in the power adapter to the power socket to your document camera.

Step 2: Connect the VGA/HDMI cable to the document camera


Using the HDMI Document Camera


Step 1: Place the document you want to scan under the document camera.

Step 2: Turn on your document camera.

Step 3: Adjust your document camera accordingly.

Step 4: Press the "AUTO/OK" button to adjust the document's optimization. Refocus according to your needs or preferences.


All in all, if you're still hesitant about giving the HDMI document camera a chance, then consider how it can cater to your needs. As elaborated through the whole article, it provides a number of features and modes, all of which can benefit you in the long run.


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