Teaching Arts & Crafts - The Use Of Document Cameras

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Arts & Crafts teachers are always looking for new ways to help their students. Since the pandemic, many students need to learn by remote means. When this happens, teachers may find that they are in need of better tools that will help them to teach better.


One of the tools that are available is a document camera. Document cameras come in very handy during the pandemic. It makes learning so much easier for their students.


Utilizing Document Cameras For Teaching Arts & Crafts


Document cameras are becoming more popular as time goes on. They are worth their weight in gold. It is a tool for remote classroom presentation in Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, and Skype. They are able to use it to give great lessons to their students. Here are just some of the positive impacts that can occur with a document camera:


· Use Without A PC


The document camera has a 5.0" LED screen. It also has a touch panel. V1XS is the visual presenter.   On a tablet, it can be used to edit images or preview them. No computer is required for its use. It makes interactive learning so easy and teaching with it is a breeze.


· 60fps Full HD Quality


The quality is fantastic. At 60 frames per second, it makes interactive teaching work well. The images are clear so that students can really understand what they are learning. They find that it allows them to be more hands-on than other types of products. With the way that the images can be displayed, an arts & crafts teacher can get as creative as possible when they are creating lesson plans for their students. They will want to be sure that they use the document camera to the fullest extent and to benefit them in many ways.  


· 10 X Digital Zoom


Having a great image sensor will allow 10 X digital zoom. This gives the ability to see details up close. Students will be pleased with their ability to understand what they need to up close.  


· 12 X Optical Zoom


The 12 X optical zoom is another plus. This product will allow the students to get the very best when they want to learn the most. It will make their projects easier in the long run and they will get better grades too.



· Knob Stepless Adjustment To Zoom In And Out


Without using a PC, teachers will be able to zoom in and out. The knob stepless adjustment makes it possible. It's handy to use the touch panel for control.


· Folding Design That Is Portable


It's very portable which makes it easy to transport it from place to place. That means teachers can be in various areas when they are teaching their students remotely. It has a folding design that is easy to collapse. They won't have to worry about getting someone to help them to carry it because it's light enough that they will be able to do it on their own. Since it has a flexible arm, it is easy to adjust.  The flexible arm makes it easy to adjust. Teachers will not have a problem when they are using it.


· Visualizer Software


Joyusing Visualizer will make it even more practical. It's software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.  It has an annotation, recording, snapshot, picture-in-picture as its features. This will help a teacher to enhance their lessons. Students will really appreciate it. It makes sense to have this type of document camera in all arts & crafts remote classes.  


Teaching Remotely Tips For Teachers


Teaching remotely is a lot different than in-person classes. The teachers need to be extra thorough in order to make a lesson plan make sense to their students since they won't be there in person. When they are preparing for their lessons, they need to make sure that they go in a step-by-step manner that will be easy to understand. Here are some tips that might help them to create the best lessons for their students to learn remotely:


· Use Digital Teaching Tool-Document Cameras

· The Lesson Should Be Made To Be As Simple As Possible

· Make A Reference For The Student To Use

· Have An Interesting Presentation

· Use Colors For Effect

· Be Understanding

· Be Patient

· Create Informative Information

· Quizzes Should Include The Answers


Lessons For Arts & Crafts Remote Classes


The lessons for arts & crafts remote classes should be easy to do. As students become more acclimated to remote learning, the lessons should become more difficult. When the teacher is putting together some of the lesson information, they should break it down into sections. Each section should include a quiz that will help solidify the information for the student. This will include the answers so that they are able to retain the information. When they use the document cameras for this purpose, students can actually see what they are learning in a much better fashion. Here are some tips that they can use:


· Create Great Lesson Ideas

· Give Simple Instructions

· State What Is Expected Of The Student

· Make It Easy To Obtain The Goal

· Grade Fairly But Generously

· Make Projects That Will Use The Document Camera

· Be There For Advice And Assistance

· Show An Example Of What Is Expected Of The Student

· Help The Student When They Have A Problem With The Project

· Clearly Show Them How They Can Make It Better

· Consult With Them On How Their Grade Is

· Help Them To Make Their Grade Better


The use of document cameras during the pandemic and when teachers have to conduct classes remotely has risen in popularity. It makes sense for the teachers to use the document cameras, especially when they are in charge of arts & crafts classes. It will come in extremely handy and will allow students to learn in a much more productive way. They will retain the information that they gather and they will do much better on their tests. Using document cameras is something that every arts & crafts teacher should make a point to use.



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