Tips to Consider When Building a Joyusing Usability Lab

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The usability lab is a significant investment. It can be beneficial when designing and developing websites that provide an excellent customer/user experience. This article goes over the basics of thinking through your options for building a practical, small usability lab on a budget. Here are tips to consider when building a Joysuing camera usability lab:



The most apparent eroding factor is the initial cost of the equipment. While you cannot expect to start with all the bells and whistles, it's still important to consider your needs in terms of usability research. Think about what you are likely to want to test for in the future. The more limited your options are initially, the more expensive it will be to upgrade later. This is why it's important to rank and prioritize your needs.



You need enough room around a computer for users, plus some space on either side of the monitor so that observers have a good view. This means that if you're looking at testing with 1 or 2 people at most, there's no reason it needs to take up an entire room. On the other hand, if you plan to have multiple people testing at once, or one person viewing participants interacting with your website, you'll need more space. Try to think through how much space is necessary and what you can offer up as a possible solution if your budget doesn't allow for as much as you'd like. A small desk area away from distractions with views out of windows is ideal - but this may be too expensive/complicated an option right off the bat. It's essential to remember where you will be testing and how many people will be viewing the session.


Setup Time

The time it takes to set up a usability test can vary based on what equipment is involved. You need to have it set up in a matter of minutes if you are testing multiple people or if you plan to test whenever someone is available. Think about whether or not this might be valuable enough to spend extra on equipment that is easier to set up (and thus more likely to get used). You may also wish to consider some essential components you could buy incrementally over time as your budget allows. Features like WIFI, VGA, USB and HDMI of the Joyusing V500W wireless document camera make connecting to laptops or other devices easy. Camera buttons also enable convenience set up for video recording or picture capturing.


Number of Observers/Participants

It will take extra time to set up if more than one person views the session. You should also remember that it can be very distracting for participants to have multiple people watching them, especially if they aren't familiar with the research process. Some software options provide remote access, but they'll cost quite more. If there's any way possible that you can observe usability sessions on your own rather than involving other people, it will be much more cost-effective.



It's essential to consider the degree to which you will be moving equipment around. If you are testing in different locations, it might make sense for some equipment (like cameras/webcams) to go with you rather than remain in place if possible. However, it's also essential to remember that usability sessions are often used for comparative analysis across different products/services. It might be more effective to have the same equipment at each location to be compared directly. Equipment like V500W wireless doc cam, touch screen monitor, microphone, and infrared camera are highly portable. This equipment uses Joyusing visualizer software to conduct interactive testing of touch or wireless devices, allowing for an efficient solution.



The more you can reuse equipment, the better. For example, if you primarily test mobile devices and then want to test applications and websites on a desktop computer later, it's best to use the same camera for recording. If you already have a microphone that works well, you could share this between sessions as well. This helps reduce equipment costs and means you can test multiple products or services simultaneously. Multi-joined and flexible body of the joyusing document camera helps you with this. You can easily capture the tester's face and upper body in a single shot, making video analysis much more effortless.



You will need to consider how many locations you plan to test at and what equipment is required for each one. Some equipment can be used in multiple places, which is helpful when thinking about how much flexibility you'll need. If possible, choose a central location with easy access to everything else you'll need (like printers).


Testing Environments

If you are testing in various environments, it may be necessary to purchase more flexible equipment. For example, if you test in rooms with multiple window sizes and light conditions, you will want to adjust the camera's exposure automatically. Cameras and microphones that can work both outdoors and indoors might be more ideal than others to accommodate all types of tests. If you are only ever testing in one environment, it may be best to choose items you can rely on at that location.


Flexibility with Languages

If you will be testing in different locations, it's essential to think about how many languages are spoken at each location. You can't assume that everyone speaks the same language as you - and there might not always be someone available who is bilingual. This means that if your application or website has text on it, you could run into problems making sure it speaks the same language as your participants. This could be an essential consideration when choosing equipment. Also, consider if any languages might be more common at one location than another, which can help you choose tools to accommodate them accordingly.



It's also important to consider how long equipment will last. Some manufacturers might offer more comprehensive warranties than others. Suppose you know that you'll be using a particular machine regularly. In that case, it may be helpful to purchase a more extended warranty like a Joyusing document camera warranty which can give you more peace of mind. If switching between components is more expensive than testing with one type of equipment, purchasing multiple cameras might not be worth it. If you're buying equipment that isn't the most reliable for the price, this could end up costing you more in the long run.



When building a usability lab, there are many things to think about. Keeping the primary use of the equipment in mind is essential and how flexible it is. Portable lab that is also easy to use can be helpful for your participants, as well as being able to test multiple products/services at once.

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