What is Paperless Office

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What is Paperless Office

In a nutshell, paperless office means handling official business by Internet in stead of paper-based files. And now, most of office software in the market are capable of realizing documents transmission without paper, but meanwhile it also needs other equipment to digitalize. This new office mode has set up a new climate of low-cost of paper, and at the same time, it has also reduced the expenditure and protected the environment. Actually the concept of paperless office has appeared since long ago, and the rapid developing of smart phone, tablet computer, cloud technology and other collaboration software pushes this concept into mainstream.


1. Improve effectiveness on job. A paperless office has abilities of resource sharing and cooperative work. Finish the complicated and chaotic work by several clicks rather than wasting time on visiting or tidying. Through the customized office system, seamless communication can be realized between every single employee in the company, that’s what dramatically promote efficiency and lighten the load on staff.

2. Environmentally friendly. Sharp reduction of paper cost will not only make a contribution to protecting the environment, but also reduce the spending for company.

3. Reduce human caused errors. In the traditional office mode, the transmission of documents has to face the risk of human errors, and the more steps there are, the more risk it takes. Paperless office has perfectly solved this problem. Even though for those confidential files, the uniqueness can be guaranteed by encryption and hiding code.

In the past people are more likely to believe what is written on the paper is true and safe and digital files could be easily copied or faked, especially for those never look into this new office mode. No matter which point you stand at, the paperless office is a inevitable trend and look around, the quiet revolution is taking place.

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