What is Document Scanner?

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What is document scanner? What functions does it have?

Document scanner is a kind of portable low-carbon office supplies, and also a innovative product in office supplies industry. It’s able to complete HD scan in 1 second with its 500/1000/1600 million pixels camera, and the ABBYY OCR function makes it has the ability of converting the scanned images into an editable documents. It can also take photos, videos, paperless fax, make electronic books and other works. The perfect solution will make your life easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.

In daily life and work, scanning a document will take more than 10 seconds by traditional scanners, and in case of scanning large amounts of papers or old damaged documents, ordinary scanners are useless. To solve the problems, people have no choice but take photos by digital camera and upload to computer. Based on this theory, JoyUsing document scanner was born to scan documents in high-speed, perfect quality, bright colors and directly upload to computer.

Since then staff can focus on work and no need to wait for the large amount of scanning time required by traditional scanners. 1 second high-speed scanning function was integrated in JoyUsing document scanner, what greatly improved work efficiency.

The time delay eliminated by the JoyUsing document scanner converted into response time to business opportunities and economic benefits. Meanwhile document electronization enhanced control of documents and reduced the risk of damage or lost.

It also saved storage place of paper files, and consequently reduced the footprint of cabinets, microfiche and microfilm. All these based on the theory of paperless office, environmental friendly.

What functions does it have?

Shooting function: Multiple resolutions, multiple formats, multiple modes. Intelligent shooting mode and manual shooting mode, improve efficiency and reduce workload.

Generate various formats: BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF, etc.

Professional OCR function: Full-text or selected area characters recognition

Image unit: Combine collected images into a multi-page PDF or TIFF

Image split: Intelligently collect, split and save images

Intelligent cut and correct: Powerful image editing function, ensure the perfect quality of image

Text orientation automatic adjustment: Automatically recognize original text orientation and rotate.

Watermark: Custom watermark content, date and location

Signature: Insert stamps, logos, signatures, etc. to keep the reliability and authority

Custom image quality: Change the quality of the captured image to meet the requirements

Bar-code recognition: Recognize the bar-code from captured image, easy to fetch and save information

Where does it apply?

Generally it applied in individual households, enterprises and government departments.

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