Your classroom can be more interactive and efficient than you think

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Your classroom can be more interactive and efficient than you think

With the increasing of educational quality requirements, classroom now is a place much more than teaching and learning. Especially in this society that emphasizes lightening the students’ burden, teaching quality is of particular importance to the whole teaching process. And now, technology has brought you a brand new choice.

The shortages of traditional classroom

Due to devices limitations, traditional classrooms have some unsolvable defects. For example, teachers have to get everyone a copy when showing students some paper-base materials, and when teachers want to annotate or emphasize something, it’s also very hard to exactly express themselves. For real objects, such as measuring tools, chemical experiments, predictably the situation could be worse. Because of the low teaching efficiency, teachers have to increase classroom hours and homework to catch up with the schedule, that’s what makes the heavier burden on students.

Achieve a more interactive classroom with our new visualizer!

Our solutions provide varies types of display format, practical function and multi-operating system support. Teaching material and objects will be perfectly displayed by industrial grade CMOS and the full picture can be annotated anytime and anywhere. What’s more we have, it supports up to 100 times zoom-in, help you to show every single detail during the whole teaching process. Those functions mentioned before are only a part of PC-free software, and the richness of PC software functions is more than you might image. And the high cost performance is also our advantage.


We firmly believe our new products will not only make your classroom more interactive and efficient, but also lower the cost of labour and material. Please contact us without any hesitation if you want to learn more about our products. 

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